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‘.. Worries about a deadlocked debate on U.S. Budget cuts and raising the debt ceiling further clouded investor sentiment.The stock had fallen 1.7 % in the regular session on Thursday to close at $ 528.94. By Google results Nasdaq futures rose 0.2 %.Stocks fell on Thursday as Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke took his notes additional short-term stimulus could be on the way, the removal of a potential catalyst in a market with already plenty of obstacles.

Technology stocks were on Thursday top decliners, extending a losing streak to a second day.40 percent more Sprint is but still Lose the iPhone raceis not that sprint capital to avoid the risk. The company claims over 5 billion of dollars of liquidity through of currency and credit available. Nothing of which cash. In the third quarter, Sprint burned about $ 273,000 on a comparable basis. Since the start of , the carrier has merely $ 172 million in free cash flow, downwards producing of 1.6 billion last year about this time.

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According several quarters disappointments, Sprint Nextel eventually provides investors great news this morning. Third-quarter earnings did better than expected.