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Report: Goldman Suspends Foreclosures in some statesGoldman Sachs Group Inc. ‘s mortgage servicing unit suspended evictions and foreclosures in some states, according to a regulatory filing on Tuesday.Goldman has been the review of the practices of its Litton Loan Servicing unit after regulators and prosecutors asked for information about its practices as part of an industry-wide probe into banks’ foreclosure practices, the company said.

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Thanks to an apparent confusion in deeds on file with the county, the bank foreclosed on the wrong home and demanded a judicial intervention, to stop the procedure. The expert said the county local news channel that other homeowners in the area could face the same problem if they do not go back and make sure that their actions are correct.. Goldman shares rose less than 1 % to $ 170.44 in morning trading on the New York Stock Exchange.If the startup MaterniT21 LDT goes well, I would expect the stock to increase from here, and I suspect that management is thinking the same thing. If management raise capital now, before the sales figures decision for the start , I would taking a bad omen.

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