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The three Americans joining the long list of Nobel laureates in their area in the United Kingdom was born Jack Szostak, a professor at Harvard Medical School in Boston, Carol Greider, a professor at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore and Australian-born Elizabeth Blackburn, professor at the University of California at San Francisco. They will share a profit of SEK 10 million ($ 1.

The United States on Monday set large punitive duties on imports of steel wheels from China it said were unfairly priced and subsidized, in the latest sign of trade tension between the world’s two largest economies.Hundreds of people, including lawyers and Lufthansa staff filled a courtroom and two side rooms in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Manhattan while outside, hundreds of members of of Association of Professional Flight Attendants and Transport Workers Union, represent AMR the flight attendants and mass of of employees , held a vivacious Rallye.

In an unusual move at bankrupt, that pilots, flight attendants and bottom trade union on Friday said they struck make a deal with U.S. Airways Group Inc. For a possible merger of between U.S. Airways and AMR supports. You said that a deal could save more than 6,000 jobs.