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Oil prices have been on a free fall in the past week. Between Greek elections and softening of growth in China, thertainty has caused a softening of the oil futures market. Supplies reach 20 – year high, and the market is beginning to respond to the building reserves. In this video, Joel talks about falling prices and what this means for energy investors. Watch below to hear about a few companies that could see their shares decline, since the fall in oil prices.

Today I am going to be a favorite of the stock dividend investor slam, but I ‘ll be back three more shares, including two dividend payers ready ready for a prosperous new year.But do not let a some of the memorable display from last year’s Super Bowl game, is pure plays for publicly traded company to go.

The Motley Fool newsletter services have recommended that. Of purchase of shares on sales force Coca-Cola, PepsiCo and Apple. Motley Fool newsletter service have also recommended in writing covered calls to salesforce Best Buy the creation of a bull call spread position in Apple the creation of a diagonal call position at PepsiCo and short circuiting.

Apple 1984 an ad – the futuristic commercial directed by Ridley Scott – made their domestic debut in for the third quarter of the Super Bowl XVIII in 1984. If you get lucky, bought this Apple have been in this year – and held by the Business the cliff 1990s – would seated on a 100 – bagger day.. However, we can also consider all the Super Bowl Ads, by cash – sufficient and profit-poor dotcoms before when the internet bubble that surfaced.