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The basis of data from IHS Fairplay, a vessel tracking group around 300,000 euros used and and Reuters Freight Fundamentals Database, the location data from each vessel Automatic Identification System together that despite the sanctions of the 144 banned within IRISL fleet 130 continues on many of the world major ports behind a network of shell companies and various property name hidden. John Dalby, a former oil tanker captain and chief executive of Marine Risk Management, a global consultancy and maritime security company, ‘When you name changes, changes to the operator and then changes of the registered owner to add – especially if it is , for all intents and purposes, the same owner – it means they try to hide especially so many in such a relatively short time ‘..

They believe Iran Shipping Lines , nearly a third move of the Iranian exports and imports , and is central to the country’s trade balance, plays a critical role in evading sanctions that the movement of controlled weapons, rocket – and nuclear technology to and to stop to stop. – ‘In the Iranian case, none of them, because it is not on the normal commercial basis are valid reasons to expect,’he said. ‘Nothing on this scale has never before been seen in recent history. ‘.

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