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Moves to extend unemployment benefitsToday is a big day for 2.8 million unemployed people who had lost at least temporarily, their unemployment benefits. A move to restore extended unemployment benefit payments of up to 99 weeks won a key Senate procedural vote.

‘Bossi told reporters late on Tuesday.

Democrats and Republicans both want the extension. They fight on how to pay the $ 34000000000 costs. Republicans do not want the deficit the deficit and want to pay a reduction in other programs for the extension. Democrats have already cut some other programs, including one that found up to 65 percent of the cost of COBRA health insurance for a year. Democrats argue that the unemployment extension itself is traditionally a time of high unemployment.. A final vote could come later today (20. The house is expected to sign up to the legislation on Wednesday and President Obama on Friday begin States could issuing retroactive controls as early as next week on when it might in some States.

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